"I decided to use Dr. Neil Floch for my laparoscopic
gastric bypass surgery because of his reputation,
and a friend of mine, also a physician,
recommended him."

- Dr. Shieva Ghofrany

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, struggling with her own weight
loss issues, decided to seek the help of another
doctor, bariatric surgeon, Dr. Neil Floch. After
having sent many patients to Dr. Floch, she realized
that it was time to now help herself. So, she took

her own advice and proceeded to have
gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Floch.
Dr. Ghofrany is a practicing partner of
Gennaro, Cahill and Ghofrany, a
general ob/gyn practice located on
Summer Street in Stamford. They also
work with patients that have infertility

Having been in the situation herself,
Dr. Ghofrany's own experience has

enabled her to
encourage her patients
with first hand
knowledge, to seek
bariatric surgery when

they have the need to lose weight, regain their health and recapture their lives.

Following is the story of Dr. Ghofrany's weight loss journey:

I can't say "Weight loss surgery gave me my life back!" because I was lucky to
have a life before surgery as a mom of 2 with a great husband and a busy
ob/gyn practice. I CAN say that EVERYTHING is even better now though—being
a mom is physically more fun and easier to do because I have much more
energy and working all the hours I work is MUCH easier as well!

Feeling and being healthier has helped me with my patients because they all
know the struggles I went through and so seeing me as a physician who
UNDERSTANDS what many of them are dealing with I really think has helped
them come to terms with their problems as well.

In my situation, what REALLY triggered my decision was a suggestion by a good
friend of mine who is a physician as well—his mom had great success with her
surgery, and when he suggested weight loss surgery to me as I was
lamenting the need to lose 100 lb it really hit home, and was a true "ah-hah"
moment for me. Somehow, before that, while I had toyed with the idea I had
not taken it seriously—it's hard to REALLY admit you are a candidate—to
REALLY accept the reality that you need to lose so much. I think fully accepting
that I could NOT do it on my own without this great tool was the best thing—
there has not been ONE moment that I've regretted doing gastric bypass.

I've lost 80 lbs and despite getting pregnant I maintained my weight loss, and
actually despite being 40 at the time, had THE HEALTHIEST of all of my
pregnancies and that was 100% due to the weight loss.

A couple of weeks ago I was on call and had to run to my car to get to the
hospital for a delivery very quickly—I had to pick up my 3 year old and run for
about 10 straight minutes with him and this was something I NEVER could have
done before! It was the BEST feeling!

Recently, a patient said "it can't make your life perfect though?" and I said "of
course not, I still have problems like everyone else - but it makes the good days
better AND it makes the bad days better too!!"

I would STRONGLY urge anyone with that much excess weight to think about
this great tool that helps make all of your hard work losing weight more

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